Only just remembered it’s Wednesday & WOYWW 583 with stamping-ground.blogspot.com.

Joy entered my craft cave today with my latest delivery from Funkyfossil.co.uk. So they’ve taken pride of place on my Workdesk. Sarah is on Hochanda on Friday morning at 9am so I can pick up some ideas. Other fab designs are on the blog funkyfossildesigns.blogspot.com.

A permanent feature now is my journal that I began in July. I’m loving doodling & colouring it in on a daily basis. I’ve also rediscovered my fab washi tape collection too.

We’ve just got back from weeding our allotment & harvesting the courgettes aka marrows. On our return home I asked a neighbour if he’d like a courgette. He looked very worried & said he’d ask his wife. I said to my hubby why can’t men make a decision. (The same had happened yesterday with my daughters neighbour, when offered one too - we do have pages of these beasts!!) My hubby quickly replied “I’m not sure”.

Watching Julie Hickey Designs on Hochanda now. I’ve not seen her before so her tips are very helpful.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your day.
Best wishes, Sue. xx

☀️Here comes the sun 🌞


I hope you're well?

As the car needed to go to the garage for it's MOT today we were up early (well earlier than normal). I heard that the News at One is being renamed Breakfast TV. Or is that just in our house.

I've been pruning & moving plants this morning. Not sure what to do with this loofah though. It's beginning to take over the conservatory. The guy in Scala Radio said it would. It's a project that I'm not sure I'll repeat.

I love funky fossil Beautiful flower stamp, so much that I'm trying them in lots of different colours. I'm a bit of a purple & green girl though.

I'm having a few probs with blogging today. I don't think I'm the only one but it's getting a bit annoying now. Perhaps blogging isn't for me after all.

Have a good day with best wishes & hugs, Sue. x

Funky Christmas starts here🌲


I’m still learning about this Blogging malarkey but I do love reading other people’s blogs.  The best blogs are from some of my fave stamp & stencil companies launching new stash or a bit of a sale. Yes I’m a shopaholic 🤷‍♀️

Today I spotted http://funkyfossildesigns.blogspot.com/ What joy! New Christmas stamps to be launched on my Wedding Anniversary. I’d better drop a few not so subtle hints to my OH.

I was inspired to get started on my Christmas cards with the penguin stamps from Funky Fossil Designs. I adore these cute little guys...

It’ll keep me busy while Bill the builder fixes our ridge tiles today. Nice chap but talks so much I need to keep out of his way. If the two of us get together neither of us will get anything done!!

Have a great day with best wishes, Sue. x

Hen Party with a Friends Theme♥️


We've had a busy weekend but a lovely one. Second Child, as Maid of Honour, organised a Hen Party with a FRIENDS theme. It was supposed to happen in Manchester but was enjoyed by a select few at my house instead.

Hubby and I took the opportunity of vacating our home to visit 'first born' in Leeds and was treated to a delicious take out meal from https://swinethatdines.co.uk

Meanwhile our home was transformed into the FRIENDS TV series.... 

Walking home from work one day we had a phone call from our daughter to ask if we'd pick up a front door that had been left in a garden "free to a good home". She painted the door to act as a backdrop for the Photo Booth. Brilliant!!

Amazing what you can do with a couple of tester pots of purple paint. They had a great time. I'm sure we have an events organiser in the making. 

Enjoy the rest of Antiques Roadshow, Sue. x

Spot the green alien


I love our allotment, especially this year. It's been our little oasis. Sadly so do the pigeons, rabbits and mice. Our broccoli and cauliflower plants have been nibbled by one of the above, little tikes. 

However I'm not sure I mind about the cauli's. Last year we left them to soak in water to get rid of the soil & grubs. Then left them to dry after disposing of the creatures & dirt.

One little critter decided he preferred dried land, or walls.....

Bit of a hero in the world of caterpillars, I reckon👏👏

Enjoy the rest of your day, Sue. x

Not sure why this is centred itself🤔

What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday WOYWW581


I’m so pleased with myself. I have remembered it’s Wednesday and I remembered to join in with my new WOYWW mates to blog a picture of my workdesk....🤗

This week I have done lots of sorting and tidying to accommodate my new paper rack. I found some old, dusty Stampin Up catalogues that I’d forgotten about so, rather than throw them away I cut out all of the relevant dies and stamp suggestions and added them to the relevant SU boxes. RESULT! 

I treated myself to a pencil cover from  htt ps://www.eden.co.uk/ to house my lush Derwent Inktense pencils. It's so pretty.

I started my crafty journey with magazines stamps and SU, but soon discovered the wider world of stamps and different media’s. Now I dread the day that we need to downsize our living accommodation! We’ll defo need an extension or a big garden to build a separate craft shed. Oooooh, that would be fab!!!!!

Enjoy your day. I'm off to dream about craft sheds....... Hugs, Sue. x

Welcome to our new lodger.


I feel the time is right to introduce you to Lucy our new lodger. When I allowed her a room to rent I didn't realise that she was likely to overstay her welcome with all her baggage. 

But she's here now so I can't bring myself to turf her out. Hopefully we can accommodate her for a season at least. Probs need to feed her at some stage but not sure when. I really must do some research!!

It's fun having someone else in the house to chat to. I'm also looking forward to giving a few home grown loofahs to my friends & family. I'll let you know if she produces any.🤗

Oh dear, The Archers is a bit sad tonight.

Enjoy the rest of your day, Sue. x

If you can't beat them join them.


No one reminded us to put the bins out today.... Yes, it's Monday. I thought blogging would help me get a grip on time. D'oh. Thankfully we're not on earlies for bin collection this week so hubby sorted them in time.

As a consequence of having to peer out of my bubble I've decided to begin a journal. I fell in love with Leonie's demo with The Happy Planner. My tummy tickled at all the loveliness on Hochanda, but sadly my head stepped in and poured reality all over my excitement. However I do collect blank books of all shapes & sizes so my head came up with a cunning plan. I now have a Happy Journal to use, with no financial outgoings. I love stationery & so while tidying my craft cave I found a box of stickers too. Who knew!

So far I've added subheadings with word & letter stamps that I have accumulated.

Do you think anyone will spot the L is upside down?🙈

Hopefully I'll manage to keep my journalling going for a while as I'm running out of storage space for greeting cards. 😉

Enjoy the rest of your day, Sue. xx

Sunny Sunday


It's been one of my fave weekends.

Apart from meeting a speedy spider, who I've discovered will run in the opposite direction if you scream loud enough. It was him or me and he ran fastest. Problem now is ...where is he lurking.....

He came out of the dark side as I was having a good old sort out of my papers etc to make use of my new shelving. I love the new storage space despite my trauma❣️

We have had a few visitors to our garden over the last few months from flying ants, red & black, a mouse, a fox, a sparrow hawk, next doors dog and last night a badger! I was amazed. It was crunching on something very noisily. 

And today I visited my friends garden for a Baby Shower Party. It was so lovely to see my mates again. We'd all been given a time slot so that we were keeping within the rules and thankfully the weather was glorious. I gave my friend a rainbow card using Funky Fossil Designs stamps. (Forgot to take a photo) My friend wants to frame the card to hang in the baby's bedroom. Well chuffed!!

Now watching F1 Grand Prix.......Go Max🏎️

Enjoy your evening, Sue. x

Saturday Surprise


What a smashing Saturday already.

My lovely generous friend delivered this gorgeous rack to me this morning....

I'm in such a dilemma though🙈

Hochanda have Tracey & Abs from AALL & Create as well as a spot of Claritystamp & Groovi. I'm so eager to fill the rack & do a bit of sorting my stash too. What a lark, Pip!

I'm such a lucky girl🤗

Enjoy the rest of your day, Sue. x

Harvesting at the allotment


What a glorious sunshiney day. We popped to the allotment this morning to weed and harvest gooseberries & courgettes. We'll be having courgetti with breakfast, dinner & tea I think🍝 We must try to use the flowers one of these days.....

Our allotment has been an oasis during these last few months of lockdown. 

We also enjoy Scala Radio with Simon Mayo & The Art Club with Grayson Perry & his wife. Hopefully The Art Club will return soon. They all give out such positiveness.

Now settling down to catch up with AALL&Create Weekend Wow on Hochanda. Love watching Abs at work.

Enjoy your day, Sue. x

Follow your dreams, they know the way


My adventure into the outside world to visit my hairdresser was lovely yesterday. I worked out that I've been with Julie for 30 years, so we've been through alot together.  PPE was all in place in the salon and they've had to make several changes. I've kept my "Covid-19 sweepover fringe". Apparently it's the latest trend, along with long, natural locks. Who knew!

Today's card was another delight to compile using the funkyfossil.co.uk cat & line column stencil and their sentiment word stamp.

I'm not really into cats so the silhouettes are just enough for me. Again I've added a matching envelope.

Enjoy your day, Sue. x


Greetings, Only just remembered it’s Wednesday & WOYWW 583 with  stamping-ground.blogspot.com . Joy entered my craft cave today with...